Design options

The most basic of business blogsites require almost no customization. But such blogs also have nothing distinctive in their appearance.

Is that how you want your business to be viewed? As non-distinctive?

Hundreds of variations in cutting-edge site design are available to Biz Blog Depot clients based on our roster of core designs.  Add to the possibilities that modifications that can be made to a client’s existing site and there literally is no limit to how the business owner’s needs and the customer’s interests can be connected.

Below are just a few of the core design options we offer:

We have spent hundreds of hours in sharpening our skills for customizing the above designs and others like them in order to meet the Web needs of businesses and organizations.  As you look at our sample sites, you’ll perhaps recognize the core design for each.

Our customization service is also available for your existing site, if you prefer.  Several such examples are pictured below:

Depending on the design choice, minor modifications are possible that can add sparkle to your site. If you’re unable or unavailable to make such changes yourself, we can help.

Each of the above existing designs were modified slightly to make them more useable. Biz Blog Depot’s choices for blog design can each be slightly customized by you or by us at a very low cost compared to most web designers.

If you’d like some slight changes made to your design choice in order to meet your business needs, just let us know. For a very reasonable cost, we can make several modifications to your choice that will set it apart from others, even if those businesses are using the same design.

Below are samples of how we can give you color scheme choices.


Variations on the Good Health design

Header photos, font choices and sizes, sidebar widget (function) boxes and video window inserts are some of the options you have, depending on the site design choice you make.

Fresh Pick modification example

So many possibilities to help you create more opportunities for customer relationships.

They’re waiting at Biz Blog Depot.

To learn more about the many cost-conscious options for your business blogging needs, contact us at or use simple, secure form available on our Contact us page

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