A healthy start to web progress

Doctors and their office staffs typically have an abundance of patients and a deficit of time. That’s where a simply managed yet engaging, rotating gallery website can help the physician to reach more people in less time with valuable information that can enhance lives.  Click on the photo to visit the sample site.

Media display site

Informational websites increasingly are including videos to boost the connection between business and customer/prospective customer. This site built for Good Health Media is an aggregator site designed to provide multiple opportunities for multi-media learning.

Click the photo to visit the site.

Designed inspiration


This is a minimalist site that provides a simple platform for a weekday writing ministry. A variety of sidebar widgets are installed to boost interactivity. This site — viewable here —  features a custom header. This theme design is readily adaptable to most any blogsite emphasizing easily added text and graphics. Please contact us to discuss if this option is best for your website needs.

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